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Theme Change!

Funny … we just published Issue 12, has previews of the next two issues on the back cover. Except we decided to delay Not Demons Nor Devils. Why??? Material. A couple of the team had a conversation about breeding of creatures to produce special abilities, e..g, dwarves breed dogs that are compact, good tunnel fighers, […]

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265,000+ Downloads!

This afternoon I updated our publication downloads tracking, something I haven’t done since December. Not including the June numbers, which I won’t check until early July, our 25 publications have been downloaded a total of 265,000 times. Wow. Here’s the breakdown: 188,736 — & Magazine, 11 issues 35,000 — & Adventures, 3 publications 19,404 — […]

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& Magazine #11 – Humanoids!

We are pleased to announce the publication of & Magazine issue #11!!! Featured in this issue: Humanoids! This issue includes Getting More Mileage from Goblinoids Humanoid Society Point of View? Reviving the Lowly Orc Plus some bonus articles Ecology of the Ogre Mage Undead Ogre Magi Leomund’s Long Coats Codex Inhumanus – Kobold Shaman Spells […]

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Castle Triskelion — Outer Ward Third Level is published!

We are pleased to publish the next segment of the Castle Triskelion mega-dungeon, the Outer Ward Third Level! This exciting new segment in the Triskelion saga features twenty-nine encounter areas with new monsters including the Cinnamon Spider and Itch Maggot.   The Castle Triskelion is copyright 2015 Tim Stypinski. Cover art is copyright 2014 Robin […]

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