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A Book of Miscellaneous Spells Cover

& Publishing Group is alive and well!

The collective & team has been off its game the past year, but we are getting back on track! We anticipate publishing Issue 13 in the next 4 to 6 weeks, and are focusing on resuming the quarterly magazine releases. In addition, we have other publications in the works that need to be finalized. No […]

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& News List

The & Publishing Group has created a News list for posting news regarding our publications. This email list is one-way (you cannot reply to it) and you will receive 1d4 emails per month. We hate it when we sign up for a “news” list and get garbage in our inbox every day, so we’re not […]

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& Publications Download Counts

The folks on the & team like to know the download counts during the first month or so after a publication. Ok, we publish D&D products for fun (look up the word “masochist”), but it’s exciting to know that others like what we produce! So the download counts are important. As of last night the […]

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Issue 12 three week download count!

The appetite for & Magazine is strong! In our first two weeks we had 2,966 downloads. This isn’t much of a surprise, we get heavy downloads the first few days of advertising — sometimes 500 on the second day. After the initial two weeks following publication things slow down a bit, but we still get […]

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Theme Change!

Funny … we just published Issue 12, has previews of the next two issues on the back cover. Except we decided to delay Not Demons Nor Devils. Why??? Material. A couple of the team had a conversation about breeding of creatures to produce special abilities, e..g, dwarves breed dogs that are compact, good tunnel fighers, […]

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265,000+ Downloads!

This afternoon I updated our publication downloads tracking, something I haven’t done since December. Not including the June numbers, which I won’t check until early July, our 25 publications have been downloaded a total of 265,000 times. Wow. Here’s the breakdown: 188,736 — & Magazine, 11 issues 35,000 — & Adventures, 3 publications 19,404 — […]

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