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Castle Triskelion Introduction and Ground Level!

The first segment of the Castle Triskelion Mega-Dungeon has published! The Castle Triskelion is a sprawling multi-level castle/dungeon that has numerous levels above and below ground! This free supplement for Old School role-playing games is being published in segments. The first two segments are the Introduction and the Ground Level. Click these links to download […]

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Creative Mountain Games

You have have heard of Creative Mountain Games — this is the company that produced Fighting Fire, the module for which 1/3 of the proceeds are going to Ernie Gygax to help defray costs related to losing his apartment to fire last year AND deal with some serious medical problems. CMG will be producing 2 […]

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Help Ernie Gygax

I spotted this on Dragonsfoot in the Non-DF Releases forum: Our friend, Ernie Gygax had a tough 2013. Early in the year a fire destroyed his apartment including many irreplaceable belongings. Later in the year he was laid low with a bout of congestive heart failure. This system-neutral adventure was inspired by some of those […]

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Templates are now online!

Progress on the new site continues! The Submissions page has been updated to include 4 templates. These are Microsoft Word templates (DOTX) — opening the file creates a new document based upon the template. If you are a repeat submitter, save the templates to your PC and simply double-click one when you need a new […]

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& Magazine on Roll for Initiative Podcast!

The hosts of the Roll for Initiative Podcast, the original AD&D podcast, spent a show reviewing our latest issue – Urban Adventuring! I think they liked it, but listen for yourself: Then check out Issue 8 to see if you agree or not: Be well and thanks for reading!

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Welcome to the NEW!

We have made the cutover to our new site!  This one is more functional and will be far easier to maintain than the old one. However, we’re expecting bugs.  No battle plan ever survives first contact with the enemy, and no web site works as expected on the first try. Please be patient as we […]

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